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G503 WWII 1944 Willys MB Jeep Electrical section Napa Auto Online Parts list

These are common Napa Auto Parts Online for the Electrical Section for your WWII Jeep.

This article applies to Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

Special Note:The Napa Auto Parts website has been a DISASTER! For 5 years there has been an attempt to link to their parts, but the site continually changes and the ability to search for a part is just technically embarrassing for them. The links on this page MAY or MAY NOT work, but the part numbers should be correct.

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CategorySubCategoryNamePart #VendorCost
06-ElectricalElectricalBattery - 6v 2-XHD  
06-ElectricalElectricalCommutator End Bushing (Stamping 4408)5285Napa$1.99
06-ElectricalElectricalDimmer SwitchDS105Napa$26.49
06-ElectricalElectricalDistributor CapIG-1324Napa$7.49
06-ElectricalElectricalDistributor CapA-306 $15.49
06-ElectricalElectricalDistributor CapAL 70Napa$7.49
06-ElectricalElectricalDistributor CapAL-35  
06-ElectricalElectricalDistributor RotorAL 69Napa 
06-ElectricalElectricalDistributor RotorAL-85Napa$6.99
06-ElectricalElectricalHead Lamp Bulb4031  
06-ElectricalElectricalHorn (12V)730-1046Napa 
06-ElectricalElectricalHorn (6V)730-1045Napa 
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition Coil (12V)IC 17Napa$21.49
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition Coil (6V)IC65SBNapa$19.95
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition Coil Resistor (12V)ICR 23Napa$5.49
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition CondenserAL 869Napa$5.69
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition CondenserA202Napa$10.99
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition CondenserAL-111XNapa$7.49
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition CondenserIGW-3139Napa$6.99
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition PointsA 101 PNapa$6.99
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition PointsAL-4556XP $8.99
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition PointsIGP-3028FS  
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition PointsCS 725 ANapa 
06-ElectricalElectricalIgnition Wire SetJ8CNapa 
06-ElectricalElectricalInstrument Panel Bulbs 6V51Napa 
06-ElectricalElectricalSeal Beam Headlight (12V)4000Napa$4.39
06-ElectricalElectricalSeal Beam Headlight (12V)4420Napa$18.69
06-ElectricalElectricalSeal Beam Headlight (6V)4020Napa$25.89
06-ElectricalElectricalSpark Plugs871/RJ8CNapa 
06-ElectricalElectricalSpark PlugsJ8C  
06-ElectricalElectricalStarter Drive656 1044Napa 
06-ElectricalElectricalStarter SwitchSS-525Napa$13.99
06-ElectricalElectricalStarter SwitchST6Napa 
06-ElectricalElectricalStop Lamp SwitchC1AZ-13480-ANapa$8.49

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