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G503 WWII Ford Willys Jeep Maintenance information

Below is a list of maintenance articles pertaining to the WWII G503 Jeep.

Changing Oil

How to change the oil in your G503 WWII Jeep

Lube Jeep

How to Lube your G503 WWII Jeep

Fuel Gauge

How to adjust/fix your G503 WWII Jeep fuel gauge

Brake Switch Replace

How to Replace your G503 WWII Jeep brake light switch

Tune Up your Jeep

Tune up your G503 WWII jeep

Adjust Valves

How to adjust your G503 WWII Go Devil Engine Valves can be accomplished with one person, but an extra pair of hands/eyes will help.

WWII Jeep Registry

We log all jeeps by serial number...add yours!

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