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G503 WWII 1944 Willys MB Jeep Engine section Napa Auto Online Parts list

These are common Napa Auto Parts Online for the Engine Section for your WWII Jeep.

This article applies to Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

Special Note:The Napa Auto Parts website has been a DISASTER! For 5 years there has been an attempt to link to their parts, but the site continually changes and the ability to search for a part is just technically embarrassing for them. The links on this page MAY or MAY NOT work, but the part numbers should be correct.

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CategorySubCategoryNamePart #VendorCost
01-EngineEngine1/4in Brass Drain CockWH 140Napa 
01-EngineBearingsCam BearingsSEP 1091MNapa$12.49
01-EngineEngineFan Belt2510780Napa$14.29
01-EngineGaskets/SealsFell Pro Full Gasket SetFPG FS7267B Napa$79.99
01-EngineEngineFlywheel Clutch Pilot BushingTMPB70Napa$10.60
01-EngineEngineFlywheel Ring Gear 97 toothBK 6003004Napa$37.49
01-EngineEngineFreeze Plugs 1 1/8 Disk Type219-1011Napa$0.79
01-EngineEngineHead Bolts F Head600-1637Napa 
01-EngineEngineHead Bolts L Head600-1636Napa 
01-EngineGaskets/SealsHead Gasket1023 K or FPG 7285B Napa$21.49
01-EngineGaskets/SealsIntake and Exhaust Manifold SetMS18632 or FPG MS8348B Napa$6.29
01-EngineBearingsMain Bearings558 MNapa$87.99
01-EngineEngineMotor Mount6021020Napa$6.99
01-EngineEngineOil FilterC-4PNapa$15.69
01-EngineEngineOil FilterC-21  
01-EngineEngineOil FilterC-4  
01-EngineEngineOil Filter151  
01-EngineEngineOil FilterP-115  
01-EngineEngineOil Filter51006 $15.69
01-EngineEngineOil Filter1100Napa$14.99
01-EngineEngineOil FilterC-4P101  
01-EngineEngineOil Filter122-24 $15.69
01-EngineEngineOil Filter89749  
01-EngineEngineOil FilterP34 $15.69
01-EngineEngineOil FilterPD34  
01-EngineEngineOil FilterF101C  
01-EngineEngineOil FilterC41F $15.69
01-EngineEngineOil Filter57041 $15.69
01-EngineEngineOil Filter148244  
01-EngineEngineOil FilterC53MJ $15.69
01-EngineEngineOil FilterC7NN-6N605-A  
01-EngineEngineOil FilterPC1F $15.69
01-EngineEngineOil Float SetK 3150  
01-EngineEngineOil Line Filter to Motor11478Napa$0.00
01-EngineGaskets/SealsOil Pan GasketOS30656 or FPG OS4350AD Napa$8.69
01-EngineEngineOil SAE 30wt  
01-EngineGaskets/SealsPCV Crankcase Cover Gasket730-9506Napa 
01-EngineEnginePCV ValveCV 697 C  
01-EngineGaskets/SealsPinion Seal Speedy Sleeve (Front and Rear)99156 $41.45
01-EngineEnginePiston RingsE-104KC-?Napa$45.99
01-EngineEnginePiston Rings4007Napa$45.99
01-EngineGaskets/SealsRear Main Bearing SealBS 3165Napa$18.49
01-EngineGaskets/SealsRear Main Bearing SealJV 687Napa$18.49
01-EngineGaskets/SealsRear Main Cap SealR 3162  
01-EngineGaskets/SealsRear Main Seal KitBS3165 or FPGBS3165Napa$18.49
01-EngineEngineRod Bearings9955 SBNapa$15.49
01-EngineEngineSeal Timing Gear Cover49575Napa 
01-EngineElectricalStarter Bushing (in Fylwheel Housing)4270Napa 
01-EngineEngineTiming Chain9-406Napa 
01-EngineEngineTiming GearS-218Napa 
01-EngineGaskets/SealsTiming Gear Cover Gasket and Seal SetJV 797 or FPG TCS43511 Napa$15.49
01-EngineGaskets/SealsValve Cover GasketVS 4352 D or FPG PS4352C  $5.69
01-EngineGaskets/SealsValve Cover GasketVS 38055 or FPG PS4352C Napa$5.49
01-EngineEngineValve Cover Special WashersNapa 
01-EngineGaskets/SealsValve Cover Vent458016  
01-EngineGaskets/SealsValve Grinding Set (Head Set)HS1023K or FPG HS7285B Napa$27.99
01-EngineEngineValves Exhaust211-1562Napa 
01-EngineEngineValves ExhaustVS-313  
01-EngineEngineValves Guides Exhaust217-3342Napa 
01-EngineEngineValves Guides Intake217-3504Napa 
01-EngineEngineValves IntakeVS-341  
01-EngineEngineValves Intake211-1563Napa 
01-EngineGaskets/SealsWater Pump GasketK26226 or FPG 4367  $2.29

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