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MB GPW G503 WWII Military Army Jeep Paint Removal to find Serial numbers

This article assists you in finding your original serial numbers under many coats of paint.

This article applies to both Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. Finding any of your serial numbers under coats of paint is always an exciting part of any restoration project. Uncovering numbers can be on your Hood, Tub or your Jeep trailer, but the method to find these numbers is essentially the same.

First, you will want some Paint Remover (like Air Craft - Kleen Strip ), wet sand paper, scraper, eye protection and rubber gloves.

2. To start with, we will show this example on a rough trailer that shows no signs of serial numbers at all. Wash your vehicle or tailer so that the surface is clean of dust and grime.

3. Prepare your area that you will be stripping with plenty of paper and coverings on your floor. You will have some drpping. In addition, when you start scraping, you don't want to worry about your floor.

4. You apply with a paint brush with a some what thick coat. Do not brush back and forth as it looses some of it's punch. Allow it to soak on the surface you are removing for a min. of 15 minutes (for the most part I let it set for 1/2 hour). The paint will blister

5. Use a scrapper to remove the blistered paint. Be careful not to get the paint remover on your skin.

6. Take an old wet cotton T Shirt and rinsed in water and wipe down the service where paint was removed. Water neutralized the Paint Remover.

7. When the markings start to appear be careful in the scraping process. You may want to use a small steel fiber brush. Note: your looking for Blue, White, Gold markings on your surface.

8. After you wipe off the paint remover, you may not want to apply another coat, instead use the Wet Sand paper and stand around the area to give the markings some clarity.

Special thanks to Ben Hovis for pictures and details

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