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MB GPW G503 WWII Military Jeep Cup Holder WW2 Restoration

This Article describes how to make a simple removable Cup Holder for your WWII Jeep. Applies to 1942,42,1943,43,1944,44,1945 Jeeps models

This article applies to both Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. If you have driven your jeep in the summer months, at some point you wish your vehicle had some sort of cup holder for your drive. I tried a number of ideas, but this one was so simple and inexpensive I like it the best. The goal is to have a temporary solution and only with your windshield in the upright position, so that I can remove the cup holder when jeep is on display. At Walmart you can find these cup holders 5 for $2.99.

2. We are going to take one of these cup holders and snap off the back holder used for a window.

3. (Optional) You can put some felt on the bottom of this cup holder if you choose, but really not needed. This is a simple tape solution if you desired to have it there.

4. Next, fold your Windshield up a bit and fit the cup holder under the windshield, and lock back on. The pressure will hold the cup holder in place. Simple, Easy, Cheap and have extras if I lose it.

5. Here you see the cupholder is secure under the windshield and in a convenient place to reach while driving

6. The cupholder can fit a very large cup under the rifle rack as well. What is nice about this solution is can hold a large drink, it is easily reached when in the vehicle, and it is removable when your jeep is at a show or parade.

Do you have an idea that is removable like this? Please share the idea with feedback below.

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