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G503 WWII Jeep Trailer Socket Cover and wiring for 1944 Willys MB

The G503 WWII Jeep Trailer Socket Cover and wiring is pretty easy to hook up. Be sure to check if you have the weld studs in your ACM II body

This article applies to Willys MB WWII Military Jeeps 

1. The trailer socket cover located in the driver side tool box is a common piece you find missing in jeeps.

2. This cover was added to the WWII jeep for Willys MB around serial # 200679 (Dec 42) and Ford GPWs in Jan 43. Here you see the cover installed in the tool box

3. This cover can be found with most vendors as a Repo part, very few originals have been found. Lets review the wiring for the trailer socket, then we will move to installing the cover. First, locate the markings on the back of your trailer socket as shown. In particular, SL, TL, GR posts.

4. You see from the wiring diagram that there are only two connections that you should be concerned with from the wiring harness. The third connection is just a ground wire.

5. Back the socket into place through the back panel, and connect the wires that come up through the bottom of the floor panel in the tool box. You see here the green wire with the black tracers is connected to the TL post, and the red wire with the black tracers are connected to the SL post

6. The ground wire should be connected to the GR post and will be connected to one of the bolts that hold the trailer socket in place. From the wiring harness kit this should be a seperately marked light blue wire.

7. Once the wires are all tightened on the socket, tighten the trailer socket cover on the back of the socket as shown. Now you are ready to install the socket cover.

8. The trailer socket cover was added in Dec 42, but the studs that were to hold the cover on from the body were not part of the ACM I body construction. (2) - 1/4in x 20 - 5/8 in weld stud were used in the ACM II construction. Here is what they look like.

9. The AAW II book shows the position of the weld screws. One in the bottom of the driverside wheel well. To install, drill the 1/4in hole. One method is to place a little JB weld on the weld screw, and tighten it into position and let set over night. If you want, unscrew the nut holding it the next morning and place a tack weld in the inside at the base of the screw.

10. The AAW II book shows the postion of the weld screw on the back panel as well. Follow the same steps as above and your ready to install the cover.

11. TIP: If you are installing weld screws yourself, the trailer cover positioning may be off a little for a number of reasons. You may want to line up from the inside of the tool box, with the cover sitting in position. You want your weld screws to be towards the top of the cover, not at the bottom.

12. Once everything is in place, add the cover and tighten down. You are done!

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